Cross Country

Chip Timing, Splits, Display Boards, Live Results

Chip Timing

Finished Results uses Trident RFID chip timing systems. We have the ability to use both UHF (Bib Chip) and DF (Shoe Chip) timing technology allowing us the versatility and flexibility to meet each event’s needs. Our systems integrate with FinishLynx software to provide the most comprehensive results package when it comes to accurate and fast results. With RFID technology we are able to accommodate both large and small participant events


With our large inventory of timing equipment we are able to provide split points for any event at any desired location of their choosing. With our custom live results and scoring software we are able to provide real time team scoring and individual split times directly to our mobile app. Our split points allow spectators to see how many spots each athlete has moved up or down from the last split point. Each split point includes a timing mat and clock. LED display boards are an option at each split location to show individual results and team scores.

Display Clocks

Finished Results has different types of displays clocks that can show running time, event name, and event logos. Display clocks are placed at the finish and can be placed at split points around the course to allow athletes to see the running time of the current race.

Display Boards

Finished Results has many LED packages and configurations to choose from. We can custom make a board to any event’s needs. Our LED boards during a cross country event shows the running time, individual results as the runners finish, and dynamic team scoring. Our display display boards can support video and advertisements. We can also integrate into stadium LED boards for an enhanced spectator experience.

Scoring & Results

We have created our own proprietary scoring software for cross country. Our system allows us to customize any events needs for scoring, merging divisions, parsing divisions, and much more. Our scoring software also produces custom PDF reports that allow each event to brand them specifically to their sponsor or events needs.

Live Results

Using our proprietary scoring platform Finished Results is able to provide real time results through the use of any mobile device. We are able to instantly send the running time, individual results, and team scores to the Finished Results Live app. With the use of split points we are able to include all splits for each runner and integrate finish photos to each athlete (post-event).

Jumbotron Display

We have a large 16' x 10' jumbotron display that can be used to show:
• Results
• Team Scores
• Split Point Results and Team Scores
• Live Video

Finish Line Photos

We are able to take photos of every finish with DSLR cameras. All photos will be uploaded to the internet and are available for purchase.

Announcer Screen & Mat

We can provide laptops for the announcer showing running time, individual results, and dynamic team scoring at each split point and the finish line. We can also set up a separate "Announcer Mat" before the finish line.